Hydrogen contributes to diversifying the structures of energy supply and also has the potential to become a dynamo to achieve dramatic low carbonization in society. These expectations for hydrogen as a key technology to energy transitions and decarbonization have been attracting great attention worldwide.

The Hydrogen Energy Ministerial Meeting was held for the first time in Japan in 2018 as an opportunity for member countries to encourage countries worldwide to promote global-level utilization of hydrogen and to further consolidate collaboration among member countries in a harmonious manner. At the first meeting, member countries released the Tokyo Statement under which they shared the importance of international collaboration, including harmonization of regulations and standards and promotion of international joint research.

Moreover, the second meeting in 2019 brought together over 600 participants from 35 countries and regions, far beyond the number in 2018, and member countries released the “Global Action Agenda,” as action guidelines for these countries’ efforts for hydrogen and fuel cells, which defines specific actions to achieve the Tokyo Statement.

The 2020 meeting will be held as a special online event in light of current expansion of the novel coronavirus disease. Aiming to continue to maintain and expand the global momentum for achieving a hydrogen-based society, the 2020 meeting will be held as an opportunity for sharing member countries’ efforts for building a hydrogen-based society and participants will strive to further strengthen international collaboration.

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